EKCO exhibition

8 October 2011 – 28 January 2012

Southend Central Museum

An exhibition exploring the central role that design played in the success of the Southend-based firm of EKCO, one of the UK’s leading radio, television and plastic manufacturers from the 1920s to the 1970s. The exhibition will look at:

  • The EKCO Story – An introduction to the firm founded by E.K. Cole against the background of early wireless and the BBC.
  • Radio design in the 1930s. – The first Bakelite radios and the Modernist Movement. Radio designs by J.K. White, Serge Chermayeff, Wells Coates, Jessie Collins, Misha Black.
  • Plastics for the Home: the 1950s and 1960s – The formation of EKCO Plastics. The work of the designers Martyn Rowlands, David Harman Powell and others.
  • The Promotion of EKCO – Advertising was as carefully designed as the products being manufactured. This area will examine the design of EKCO advertising and the relationship that EKCO built up with its dealers.



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