Recipes and remedies event series

A special series of events exploring the connections between food, health and life will be launched at the Wellcome Collection on 15 September.

Inspired by the intriguing collections of hand-written recipes and remedies in the Wellcome Library, the series will be asking if food can cure, rooting through the history of culinary medicines and exploring contemporary scientific and cultural responses to food.

The loaded relationships between food, class and morality will be investigated, and there will be debates around how to navigate a healthy course between food science, social policy and the food industry in the face of media hype and ever-changing advice.

There will also be plenty of opportunity to get up close to Wellcome Collection’s unique treasures in sessions exploring topics such as localism and healthy eating then and now, how food remedies have allowed women to challenge male medical orthodoxy, and whether the bloggers of today can find counterparts in the recipe swappers of 400 years ago. Full details of the event series, including booking information, can be found here:


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