Down the Back of the Sofa

Derby Museum and Art Gallery has produced a 13-minute film of its recent Effective Collections-funded project Down the Back of the Sofa, which offers an insight into visitors’ reactions to the interactive exhibition. Down the Back of the Sofa was put together by the museum in partnership with the production company Charity Shop DJ for the Vintage at Southbank Centre festival in London’s Royal Festival Hall at the end of the July.

Around 9,000 people visited the exhibition, which saw the museum use mainly mid to late 20th century artefacts from its stored collection to recreate a vintage lounge and DJ space. The Museums Association (MA) helped facilitate the project with a £19,000 Effective Collections grant. The aim of the exhibition was to encourage interaction between people and artefacts in an informal environment.

Further information, including the evaluation of the project, is available here.


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