Italian historic house museums in Sao Paolo

Received this today, which has to be one of the most exotic private view invites I’ve ever been sent. I briefly day-dreamed about heading to Brazil to catch this photographic exhibition, then I thought I would spread the word in the hope that somebody who is geographically closer will actually be able to go. This is a photo exhibition of 13 different historic house museums in Italy, curated by SSN member Dr Rosana Pavoni, a Museum and heritage consultant, former President of DEMHIST and an expert on the history and development of the historic house in Italy. The exhibition presents the full range of house museums including the personality house, the collector`s house, high-end properties of the aristocracy and modest peasant dwellings and will give an insight into different aspects of Italian culture from art to gastronomy.

Further information about the exhibition is available on the Museu da Casa Brasileira website (in Portuguese only).

Exhibition: Historic House Museums in Italy

Museu da Casa Brasileira, São Paolo, Brazil

27 October – 20 November 2011


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