Home as a historical and contemporary context for arts and crafts

Pots, cups, textiles, bowls, jewellery and clothing: throughout history, arts and crafts have displayed striking aesthetic qualities and been integral to domestic life as objects of use. One historical reference point is the idea of the gesamtkunstwerk. This notion has come to expression in many ways, not least in the homes of artists. It has been considered an ideal to reflect aesthetic unity in the domestic sphere, and to treat architecture, design, arts and crafts and pictorial art as equals. Moving the focus to the present day, parallel to using readymades and re-using materials, artists are developing new ideas about use / function by producing new objects for the home.

The home as an area for artistic development is the starting point for some of the questions we would like to explore in this year’s seminar:
– What significance does the home have as a context for the professional practice of craft-based artist’s today?
– How do handmade craft objects relate to mass-produced products?
– What is the status of tradition and respect for hand-made objects in today’s domestic context?

The seminar is a collaboration between the Norwegian Association for Arts and Crafts and The Norwegian National Museum.

Seminar programme

Further details and booking information

Date: November 16th, 10.00am
Location: The National Museum, Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, Oslo, Norway
Price: NOK 300,- (Concessions NOK 150)


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