Constructed identities and paper interiors

I’d like to draw your attention to the work of artist Pamela Salen, who explores issues of home and identity through paper sculptures, photographs, book art, collages and other media.

“A primary theme in much of my work involves home as a concept and its contribution to the construction of identity. I investigate through paper and dimension how form, structure and objects create meaning by crafting intimate spaces for the mind and body to engage in. Furthermore, I am examining the spatial relationship that exists between duality–the interior and exterior, material and immaterial, the tangible and intangible.”

On 1202 Hall Avenue, Detail ©Pamela Salen

20 Kitchens, ©Pamela Salen

Constructed Indentities, ©Pamela Salen









Pamela holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design as well as an associate degree in Visual Communication from the Minneapolis Community and Technical College. She is currently a Master of Design by Research candidate at Monash University, Faculty of Art & Design and teaches as a visiting lecturer in the Visual Communication program at Monash.


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