Call for Papers: Material Culture National Conference

The Material Culture Area of PCA/ACA (Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association) is pleased to announce the Call for Proposals for the

2011 National Conference, to be held in Boston, Massachusetts, 11–14 April 2012.

You are invited to submit proposals now through Thursday, December 15, 2011.

The study of material culture offers an exciting area for interdisciplinary research and conversation, as it brings together those engaged in scholarly inquiry in areas as diverse as history, art history, architecture as object, design, decorative arts, cultural studies, literature, communications, anthropology, and sociology. If your work touches on the study of designed objects and consumer goods, we would love to learn more about it at this year’s conference in Boston. Academics, practitioners, graduate students, museum professionals, and public historians are welcome.

Past presentations in this area have focused on decorative arts and the construction of literary characters, the material culture of poverty, commemorative items, historic and modern furnishings and fashion, branding and marketing trends, and a wide range of associated topics.

Selected works will be considered for publication in an edited volume after presentation.

Submission Guidelines:
If you are interested in presenting, or have any questions, please the Proposing a Presentation pages before Thursday, December 15, 2011 to submit an abstract of between 100 and 250 words. Please be sure to select Material Culture as the area to which you submit your abstract.


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