Museums and Libraries in/of the Age of Migration

The EU-funded project MeLA (Museums and Libraries in/of the Age of Migration, is developing multi-disciplinary resources for investigating major European public museums, supporting their collaboration with libraries and other cultural institutions, and helping them to address contemporary challenges of globalization, European integration, and new media. The MeLA team wishes to find out experiences of collaborative projects between transnational museums, libraries and other cultural institutions, focusing on multiculturalism, migration and the use of new media. The geographic focus at this stage is on transnational and/or national partnerships within Europe and/or at extra-European level.

An online survey is available here . The results of this survey will contribute to the investigation on innovative coordination strategies between museums and other cultural institutions, which will be presented to the European Commission.

MeLA will give away three Amazon €50 gift vouchers to those who complete this MeLA project survey.

For questions about this survey or other remarks, please contact Perla Innocenti, University of Glasgow and leader of MeLA   (

For the SSN’s work on multiculturalism and migration, see the abstracts from our Multiple Belongings: Diaspora and Transnational Homes Conference (21/5/2010).


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