Call for articles: The Temporary Interior special issue

Call for Articles – Special Issue of Interiors (Berg Publishers, Vol. 4 Issue 1 – 2013)


The editors Anne Massey (Kingston University) and John Turpin (High Point University) invite contributions to the journal’s 2013 special issue DEGREES OF EPHEMERALITY: The Temporary Interior. Nothing lasts forever, and because of their architectural shells, interiors are often perceived as being more permanent than they are. But this is an ideal, reinforced by notions of everlasting good design, promulgated partly by architectural modernism. Interiors may be altered or changed over time, even from day to day. But this usually affects only the character or function of the interior. What about the interiors whose purpose is specifically temporary, unplanned, or makeshift? What about the ephemeral vistas of international exhibitions? The prefabricated home? The Pop-Up shop or gallery? Mobile interiors, including cinemas, circuses and caravans? The inflatable structure? The 21st century has witnessed natural disasters that have wiped out entire communities requiring the need for immediate shelter for those displaced from their homes. Social unrest-whether driven by political or economic factors-has encouraged or required the development of tent cities. From refugee camps to parks appropriated for protest, temporary interiors are being created all over the world. This Special Issue of Interiors explores the design of these spaces and the unique relationship between the human and the interiors, whether created by the individual or standardized by a second party.

The editors welcome submissions of articles addressing the topic of the temporary interior broadly defined. Submissions reflecting the latest research on the interior from historians, practitioners and theorists are particularly welcomed. Principal articles of 5,000 to 7,000 words, including notes and references, with 4-8 illustrations are invited, and should be sent as an attachment to by 15 May 2012.

Further details of the Journal, including Notes for Contributors, are available at

If you have any queries about the Journal or about submitting an article, please contact us on this email address:

Anne Massey

John Turpin


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