CSH Seminar ‘The Crises of Care and the Geographies of Home’ by Kim England

Kim England’s seminar ‘The Crises of Care and the Geographies of Home’ will be held on Wednesday 28 November 4.30pm-6.30pm at the Geffrye Museum of the Home, London.  

The seminar will discuss how the mounting care crises speak to themes of home, domestic work and care provision. Care labour – both paid and unpaid – produces tensions that arise from who provides care, ideas of public/private and the social and spatial ambiguities associated with the home as a workplace. At the same time the care labour that takes place within homes is closely tied to practices unfolding at other geographic scales, including work-life reconciliation, labour market dynamics, and the global migration of care workers. The contemporary American context is the primary focus, but the intention is to also invite analysis of different historical moments and other geographical locations associated with care crises past and present.

A booking form can be found here: Seminar booking form. Please return it to hbrown@geffrye-museum.org.uk


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