Call for Papers: Home time: temporalities of domestic life

Conference session at the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers, Annual conference, London, 28-30 August 2013

Domestic life contains within it traces of past homes and prospects of future homes. It is lived with senses of continuity and change between different times and spaces of home. This session brings together research exploring domestic life with a special attentiveness to temporality in the meaning and experience of home. This includes the home’s own lived, material and imagined past, present and possible future; the nature and experience of home over the life course; the home as a site of looking back and looking ahead; and the ways in which both past and future homes shape ongoing relationships with domestic space and practices of home-making. The session explores how themes of continuity, change, loss, nostalgia, memory and plans, prospects and expectations of the future cross cut the lived, material and emotional geographies of home.

Convenors: Prof. Alison Blunt, Dr Caron Lipman, Prof. Catherine Nash, Dr Alastair Owens, School of Geography, Queen Mary, University of London

Please send 200 word abstracts to Catherine Nash, School of Geography, Queen Mary, University of London, Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS, by 1 February 2013.

Please note: the session is subject to being accepted by the RGS-IBG conference organisers. We will be able to confirm this by late February.


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