Home Atmospheres: Sensing and Feeling at Home Conference, Friday 28th March 2014.

Full conference programme is available here.

(Keynote) Ben Highmore, The sensorial landscape of the great indoors.

Kirstin Kennedy, Metalwork in the European home between 1600 and 1750, and its appeal to the senses.

Oliver Betts , Cramped, dark and not for the kids: comparing visitor experience and lived reality in the slums of Victorian Britain.

Cat Rushmore, Selling smells.

Pauline Destree, Noise and ‘dirty dirt’: negotiating the home on a council estate.

Jennifer Rich, Sounding out the historic house: a case study of the Soundguide audio guide at Osborne.

Barbara Wood, Can historic houses feel like home? Less familiar case studies from the National Trust.

Rhiannon Goddard, Can we recreate ‘atmosphere’ in the historic home?

Eleni Vomvyla, ‘It smells like my home village!’: Albanian families’ home making in Athens through cooking.



Home Intimacies Conference, Friday 22 March 2013.

Full conference programme is available here.

(Keynote) Dr Jane Hamlett – Public, Private Or Intimate- Rethinking The Victorian And Edwardian Middle – Class Home

Annie Kemkaran-Smith – Eltham Palace – Formality, Fun And Fear, 1936 – 45

Elisabetta Lob – Non – Elective Affinities – Partition Refugees, Home, Furniture And The Re – Negotiation Of Domestic Intimacy In Urban Pakistan, 1947 – 1962

Professor Alison Oram – Queer intimacy and the historic house museum